April 13, 2014

easter baskets

I am working on easter baskets this week and I had lots of fun making these. These only took a few minutes to make with the following supplies:
  • Bird's nest baskets. These I bought from Michael's Craft Store
  • Assorted spring ribbons.
  • Chocolate eggs in pretty foils and acrylic eggs to put fun little gifts and candy.
  • Green shredded paper or moss.
  • Stuffed bunnies or chicks or chocolate bunnies.

First, added the green shredded paper to the bird's nest baskets.

Next, add the bunnies, chicks, eggs, and chocolates to the baskets and I added a few flowers on the basket.

I added chocolate filled acrylic eggs.

I replaced the traditional red ribbon on the Lindt Chocolate gold bunny with pastel colored ribbons.

Have a beautiful day and thanks for stopping by!

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Karen said...

These are adorable!