December 4, 2008

Skull and Cat Ornaments

I left the above package off to Dava the other day. Its so hard to leave your little loved ones. But I know they are in a good place. I went to visit them yesterday:) I have one-of-a-kind Skull and Black Cat Ornaments available at Dava (Hamden, CT) I also have 1 kitty left, (the one in the middle with the magenta/purple flower. She is $10.00 and free shipping. Comes with a silver hook for the tree:) Available in the Peachy Cheek Etsy shop.

*Anything I have animal related on my shop (penguins, cats) 10% goes to The Animal Humane Society.


Anonymous said...

Well, I woke up to a skeleton head on my new blog this morning. Thanks for the enormously hard work it must have taken to find me. I know you clawed your way through briar patches and fire to get there and I appreciate it.
Your black cat ornament is now mine!!!!!
Your blog is perfection and is now my role model for how a good one should look and function. You're a smart cookie. Have a great and prosperous day.
Ronnie - in a small town in Georgia

Pease Porridge said...

Love you ornaments!

I just gave you the "One Lovely Blog" award. If you are too busy, do not worry about it , just wanted to let you know. :)


Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to meet you yesterday at the Holiday Spectacular show :) Your work if terrific and i'm glad we'll have a chance to work together again in the future at other CTEtsyTeam events :)


PeachyCheek said...

Thanks for stopping by Galina! It was so nice meeting you on Saturday!!! I hope to see you again. I am sure we will see each other in an upcoming show:) Take care!!