February 28, 2009

Newest Painting and Art Print

I just finished an original I have been working on, "Rosalinda", which translates in spanish "Pretty Rose". The actual original measures 11 inches x14 inches. And I was inspired by roses I recieved as a gift for Valentine's Day. The roses were the prettiest shades of pinks and reds. I wanted to capture it in a painting and incorporate a spanish/latin feel, and a larger than life rose in this painting.
8 x 11.5 art prints are available in the shop. Click here to purchase. But they will also be available as greeting cards. Email me, info@peachycheek.com if you are interested in blank greeting cards.
The next painting I am working on is a large one (above) 24 inches by 16 inches. Recently I was asked what am I going to do with my girls, am I going to incorporate something else in the line of peachy cheek girls and the answer to that is "yes!" I have been wanting to work on a line of paintings that incorporate children. And the newest painting I am working on (and I have alot more work to do on) captures this theme. This little girl will probably be portrayed as a young little Bolivian girl working in a house or a kitchen...stay tuned to see how she comes out in the next few days...


GlorV1 said...

They are very nice. The lady in the apron reminds me of my Little Ladies of the Kitchen. Very nice. Have a great weekend.

GlorV1 said...

Hi Kim, I received your little button and it is so cute. I really appreciate it and will keep forever. I love how you did that. Do you have them made professionally? How exciting to receive a little present in the mail. You know I think I will send you one of my little works just as a thank you. I will take pix and post later. Again, thank you and have a great Sunday.

display name said...

Hello, hello! I followed you over from Bath Artist's blog - so glad to have found your little space here on blogger, because your work is beautiful! Love your color palette; I am a huge fan of bright colors.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am following along.


Giovanna said...

Very beautiful work and very inspiring too!!! :)