March 9, 2009

Update: Stickers, Mirrors and more...

So I have been a busy little bee. What's new? After my full-time job I rush home and can't wait to start painting and playing with all my new things. Coming up with new ideas and trying to make new items for you from my art.

These past few weeks I have been working on 3 new paintings and I can't wait to show all of you. I usually work on 2 or 3 at a time and I will let you know why. If I only work at one painting at a time, I actually make more mistakes and this is because I get so excited to work on the painting that I want to work on it as much as possible as fast as possible. So I end up painting layers of paint without it drying...and making more of a mess. So when I began painting more than one painting at the same time, that completely changed.
I ended up doing one thing on one painting, putting it down for it to dry and then working on the other. Switching it back and forth allowed there for enough drying time and for me to think about what exactly it was I needed to do...just a little tip, for those of you with too quick fingers like me!

I really need to thank each of you, because through your blogs, sites, Etsy shops, and videos I have learned a lot. As many of you are, I am a self-taught artist too. I never had formal art classes. You are all my teachers, and I learn from you every day, about shading, and sketching, and even the art of display:) I took it upon myself to use this past weekend and snow day (here in CT we had a big snow storm on Monday) and work on new toppers for my mirrors, buttons, and magnets. I wanted it to be very simply and clean.
I also have a few new things in the shop. The weekend before I finally finished the art calendars, which I am deliveredto Dava today and will have a few for the Etsy shop.
This past weekend I wanted to do something fun, something different, I had these stickers for the longest time, and didn't know what I could do with them. I decided to put them in the shop. Who doesn't love stickers?! I love the way these stickers came out. They are a pretty good size each of them are a little less than 2.5 inches. I thought they would look cute on a scrapbook, card, even lockers (if only we still had reminds me of the time...well that could be another post..)

Like most of my art, I try to make everything affordable for you. I love my art, but the real reason I put them on the shop, is only because I want to share them with you and the world. I get a great feeling of satisfaction just looking at the small things I accomplish, and that alone is a reward...
They will also be available at Dava and Click here to visit the Etsy shop to see all these new goodies!


Ronnie said...

Hey Peachy! YOU are kickin' it! Love the new stuff, but looooove your skulls the best.
Looking forward to seeing the three new paintings.
The viddler is great. Well done!

Kaili Ittensohn said...

Hey Peachy Cheek! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I think your blog looks Great! I learned how to make a 3 coloumn blog by going to They have a section there called blog secrets which shows you how to do different things! Very handy for a tech challenged person like me!

I love your stickers, they look great, you are certainly doing a great job with your art, I wish I had more time for mine. I am going to take on your advice about doing a dew paintings at a time ( I have quick fingers too!)