May 6, 2009

Bookmarks: Who knew they could be so fun!

Bookmarks! These were so fun to make! I made a bunch of them with different images of my art work.

They are only $4.0o because as always I try to make my prices very reasonable, so that everyone can enjoy and appreciate art.

And if you buy them from my peachycheek store in the month of May, I will give you free shipping (just add the word "bookblog" in the notes and I will refund you the shipping) :)

I enjoy reading, mystery novels, crime solving, detective stories (that might explain why I have a degree in Criminal Justice) so during those few times that I actually stop and put the book down, I fold the page to save my place. Not anymore! Now I use my nifty bookmark.
The bookmark is about 2.5 inches round. I will never miss my place in a book again.
I hope you enjoy the newest peachy cheek accessory!!!

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GlorV1 said...

How neat those are. I actually made some bookmarks the other day. I was losing my page and decided it was time to be thrifty and nifty. How interesting that you have a degree in criminal justice, that is so cool Kim. I don't know if you are a mom, but either way have a great weekend on Mother's Day.