November 1, 2009

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos - Happy Day of the Dead

Happy Day of the Dead!!!
Happy All Saint's Day!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and didn't eat too much chocolate! I had a wonderful Halloween and watched plenty of scary movies. I had a Halloween marathon going last night with plenty of chocolates and buttered up popcorn!!

And today is Day of the Dead, a celebration of life and a celebration for those who we love that have past on.

As you know most of my artwork is inspired by this very day. I hold this day very close to me.

The paintings and artwork might be considered morbid to most. The skulls and the theme of death that plays out in many of the pieces might appear morbid, but in actuality it is a look inside the cultures that believe in the after life and who celebrate Day of the Dead because death affects all of us throughout our lives. Death is not something that many people put much thought into until it occurs. Family members, family pets, friends, and loved ones have or will eventually pass on. The paintings and artwork that I create hopefully promotes healthy speaking and thinking about life and death.

Whether people believe in the after life or not, death is a part of life and thinking about it is not wrong or unhealthy, but rather a celebration of life.



GlorV1 said...

Yes it is a celebration of life. I loved your comments. Have a great week.

Kaili Ittensohn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I really appreciate your kind words! They really touched my heart.

I really enjoyed reading your post and getting an insight into "day of the dead" and what inspires your creative artwork, its very interesting!

Have a lovely work Kimberley xx