September 18, 2010

Fun day picking Pumpkins and Getting Lost in a Corn Maze...

I have been feeling under the weather the past few days:( I think it's the cold nights and mornings. I love this weather though, the cool days and the feeling of fall around the corner. I just think my body was not expecting it. Today, I am starting to feel much better, and Yanni and I went to our favorite Orchard, we had an early breakfast there, and then went through a corn maze..It took about an hour to finish, but Yanni and I had lots of fun figuring out how to get through it. There were trivia questions along the way and if you got the answers correct it guided you through the maze.

Here I am playing with Yanni, telling him that the children of the corn got me.

After finishing the maze, we each picked out our pumpkin. Yanni selected a huge one and I picked a nice medium size one.

I hope all of you are anticipating the fall season as much as me!

Take care!!


GlorV1 said...

Hi Kim. Looks like it was a lot of fun. You look great and like you were having lots of fun. We need to do some fun stuff. It's been a while since we went somewhere exciting. Have a great Sunday. Take care and yes I look forward to the fall as well.

Kristen said...


These pictures are beautiful! I love the fall too, and we spent Saturday at what I think might have been the same orchard - except we were apple picking! I love the picture of you in the corn maze - very cool!

Kristen B