February 19, 2011

Illustration: "I understand you"

I love animals and I wanted to do a series of drawings in which I drew little girls and animals together. I illustrated the elephant in the above baby shirt, which is now available for sale here:
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This young lady has been mocked a bit because of her ears, but one day she met the sweetest little friend, a friend that understood her. Thanks to her friend she proudly puts her hair in back of her ears and proudly shows them off now.

The two of them have been the bestest friends since!!


GlorV1 said...

Oh these are so darling and perfect for the baby. I love the young lady with the big years and of course we know who it is mocking. It may be the elephant but I know it's the big P guy. Tee Hee. Everytime I see those years I just want to grab them and see if I could fly. tee Hee. Take care and have a great week.;DD

Janet said...

The young lady is so cute and so is her little elephant friend.