December 16, 2011

Painted Pine Cones

I love decorating the house with pine cones for the Christmas holidays.

I place them in the Christmas tree, make mini Christmas trees out of them, I place them in bowls on tables all over the house, and I also use them as table settings.

photo from country living

Today I will be showing you how I painted white "snow" on my pine cones and how they look after I painted a few in gold. You can also use green paint to paint the entire pine cone green to make mini Christmas trees.

You can paint the entire pinecone white, but I like to just paint the edges with "snow"

And on a few I wrap red bows, you can hang them from the tree this way.

I also paint some of them gold, and I use the gold painted ones as table settings and as decorations for wrapped presents.


All photos by me, unless noted otherwise.

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GlorV1 said...

Hi Kim. Hope all is going great for you and that you are enjoying the pre-holidays. You know that I used to do what you are doing now with the pine cones. We have tons of pine cones out in the back yard from our pine trees but I just don't do it any more. It was a yearly thing for me to do. Perhaps I'll take a walk out back and see what there is laying around. Enjoy your fun, thanks for sharing. Looks great too.