December 5, 2011

Making Holiday cards using Paper and Felt

Every year we make our own greeting cards and they are usually the standard photo card with different photos of the both of us throughout the past year.

This year we wanted to create handmade holiday cards for our friends and family.  I also am including fun little sayings and Christmas song lyrics to the front of the cards.

Materials you need:
Eco-friendly Felt in a variety of holiday colors.
Paper (I used card stock)
Glue (Elmer's or hot glue)

I picked out white, red, green, and mustard yellow felt to make my holiday cards. These four colors gave me a lot of variety to create Christmas imagery. And the mister helped me come up with design ideas. We made a list of things we associated with Christmas, like ornaments, trees, and snowmen.
      The four colors of felt created all of the Christmas images we wanted and we could probably make more.
      This is a great little project for kids to help with because they can think of Christmas imagery.

      The first piece I made is a snow man. I usually just do without an outline and cut the shapes out, but for the snowman I outlined a few different size circles.

      Cut the orange felt for the carrot nose!

      And I am also making some reindeers and I had to give them large red noses!

      I also made a holiday wreath.

      And I made a few mistle toes.

      Happy Holidays!

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