March 8, 2012

Green Wear

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I am loving green right now and it's not because Saint Patrick's Day is a round the corner. I lined up some of my favorite green finds on Pinterest.

Something about the vibrant color of emerald makes my little heart melt and pitter patter. I especially love the green pants and the green long skirts. I love the way it is paired in number 6 by Rosalind Jana, so beautiful. 

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Georgina said...

Hola Kim,

Love green too, but for other reasons. My husband is a certified arborist and of course, that's his favorite colour. He always writes with a green ink pen...the guy's of many reasons I love him so! LOL

Thank you for coming to by my blog and leaving your very sweet comment. No, I'm not usually a jewelry designer or make many pieces, but the few I do make, I enjoy. I took them to this little shop here locally. The young lady who owns it is just a precious thing...she's renting my Pop's old office space...actually, it was renovated a couple of years ago... saddened me since I have many wonderful memories of visiting my dad at his office. Anyway, she was very excited to have them and said she's already sold most of them...perfect for little girlie girls.

As for my masks, I am going to put them in my Etsy shop as soon as I do some remodeling in far, I have nothing.

Have a great weekend and enjoy!