May 20, 2012

roller derby hurts custom sugar skulls

I was approached a few months ago to create a few custom skulls for a birthday gift to the lovely Derby Hurts founder. As the site mentions, Derby hurts is an online forum/group for injured roller derby women can communicate, support and learn from each other. These ladies are amazing and fierce!

I was given the logo and asked to bring it to life and I was honored to. I worked on three of them, one to give to the birthday girl, a friend, and one for her to keep herself. And, I finally had a chance to upload a few photos.

This was a challenging project, but I like pushing myself and it was something I never worked on before. I worked on it a little bit every day.

And Yanni helped me by making custom crutches out of wood and clay to match the logo.

Unfortunately, I don't have many photos of when I completed them, except for the few below. I added more details, such as shadows, varnish gloss, and a strap for each helmet. I also wrote their roller derby names on the back of the helmet with their jersey number. I remember I completed them late at night and wanted to package them up to ship them out early in the morning, but it is a project I will never forget!

Thanks for stopping by!

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