June 19, 2012

What I am wearing

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This is my go to outfit right now. I would wear this every day if I could because it's so comfortable and versatile. I wore this the other night when we went to listen to some local bands play and then again for brunch over the weekend.

The black and white stripe maxi skirt is super long, so I can wear it as a long skirt and I can also wear it as a dress. I love the H&M faded jean jacket I scored for a great deal at the store, last one left and in my size. The Cole Haan cross over bag is perfect when I go out because my hands are free. The black one is no longer available, but it comes in great summer colors like green. This outfit is a simple, yet really fun. I usually will switch it up by wearing different shoes, accessories, and different colored tees, like bright pink.



GlorV1 said...

Very nice Kim. I especially love the skirt. It's awesome. I'm off right now, or rather no blogging much because I've too much to do. I am though popping in from time to time to say helooooo. :) So hello! and goodbye for now. Really nice outfit.

PeachyCheek said...

Hi Gloria!! Thanks so much for stopping by. Same thing here. I have not been on as much as I would like, but I do stop by :) thanks again!! Take care.