September 7, 2012

Customer Love

I am adding a new piece to my Black Feather Shop site: and on my Black Feather's facebook page called Customer Love to show my appreciation to my lovely customers wearing my pieces. I am so honored and flattered when I see such pretty ladies and gentlemen wearing my pieces all over the world.

Do you have a photo wearing a piece from my Black Feather line? If so, send me the photo at and I can post it to my Customer Love page on Facebook!

1 comment :

Georgina said...

Hola Kim,

Haven't been around in quite awhile, but glad to see you're still doing what you love, creating. I love that silver bracelet your wearing on the top pic...where did you get that lovely???

Have a great weekend and I will make sure I'll hit "like" on you FB page...that's usually where you'll find me these days, but I still love to blog, but finding the time is almost next to impossible these days, but who knows, if I have no interruptions today, I just might jog down a few words of wisdom!! LOL