May 20, 2013

how to make cactus pinata

For our upcoming fiesta we made different pinatas, check out how to make our donkey pinata. For a center piece we made a cactus pinata.

  1. Draw a cactus outline on a large cardboard box and use a box cutter to cut two identical layers.
  2. Next, cut out long cardboard pieces. The width of the cardboard strips will determine how wide the pinata will be.
  3. Tape the long strips of cardboard to piece both sides together.
  4. All done. The pinata is now ready to be decorated with paper fringe.

     5. Next, using colorful streamers, cut little strips of fringe.
     6. Glue the fringed streamers in overlapping layers around the cardboard.
     7. If you plan on filling it with candy, make sure you cut a hole or door to put the candy in. And if you plan on hanging it make two holes on the top to loop rope. I didn't hang mine, as I used it as a centerpiece for the table.
     8. Place at the center of the party and use for props for photos.

This cactus was the perfect center piece for the taco bar, but could also be filled with candy to later one be used for a fun game! We gave ours a way to guests.

Thanks for stopping by!


Elba Valverde said...

Hi Kim! This piñata is so adorable!!

PeachyCheek said...

Hi Elba! Thanks so much for stopping by. So glad you like the pinata:)

Teacher Kim said...

I was hoping to find a pinata that I could make with my students for our upcoming "Fiesta" Fall Festival...I think I found it! Thanks!!!!