May 26, 2014

retro diner birthday party

We threw a small 50's retro diner themed party for Yanni's birthday with the help of my sister of A Delicate Gift. Last year we threw a fiesta for him. My sister plans parties, makes invites, and makes matching decorations for parties that she sells on Etsy. I knew she was the perfect person to help me throw this party.

Yanni and I both love retro classic diners, he loves burgers and I love milkshakes, so it was the perfect theme for this birthday party. We had a few friends come over to celebrate. I set up a burger and hotdog bar and an ice cream and milkshake bar for dessert.  Here are a few photos of the food table and some of the decor. I had lots of fun with this one. I will be sharing the ice cream bar and dessert table very soon.

We served hamburgers and hotdogs and everyone dressed them up using relish, pickles, mustard, ketchup, onions, lettuce, american cheese, and tomatoes. For sides we had salad and a friend brought over the most delicious potato salad. We also made some fries. You can't eat at a diner without having some fries with your burger.

For drinks we had some bottles of water wrapped in custom water bottle wrappers and some glass coca-cola bottles from Mexico.

For some snacks we had some popcorn in vintage style bags, and diner themed cookies that were made for the party. Those were a big hit.

For decor we added a few retro diner themed items in the party's theme color. We placed a jukebox in the middle of the table on a vintage style wooden box we accidentally and luckily found on sale at Big Lots. We hung balloons on top of the table in the the party's theme colors, which were skyblue, red, yellow, and white. We added some small details like the plastic red plates with red and white checker wax paper for everyone to serve their food in, NY Greek diner paper cups with red and white straws.

I can't wait to share with you the ice cream bar and dessert table. We had lots of fun and it will definitely be a day we will remember.

Items and Supplies

Jukebox Centerpiece: Amol's Party | Waterbottle Wrappers: A Delicate Gift  |  Food table topper cards: A Delicate Gift | Red Food Baskets: New Star Food Service  |  Red and White Checker Wax Paper: Cake Supply Shop | Vintage Style Coca-Cola Crate and Napkin Holder: Big Lots | Similar Wooden Vintage Coca-Cola Crates: Etsy  | Vintage Style Great Hamburger Sign: New Retro Signs | Red and White Straws: Kikkerland | Ketchup and Yellow Squeeze Bottles: Tablecraft | Cookies: A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe | Greek Diner NY Paper Cups: Solo Cup Company


Rose said...

Love this!! What an awesome idea. My mother would love this because she loves the whole 1950s look too. You took some great photos.

Melissa said...

Love the cookies and little classic cars. What a cute party.