June 24, 2014

a little nature and exploration

The weather has been so beautiful, so I took a break from making my usual weekend pancakes or omelets and we went out for brunch to my favorite little breakfast nook.

They have the best chocolate croissants and this little guy just came out of the oven.  They also have amazing magic bars and I indulge on one everytime I go there. After eating brunch we went for a walk and got happily lost in the woods.

 We followed trails that we didn't know where they would lead us to. It was like a little hobbit's world in there and I never wanted to leave.

I highly recommend getting lost and finding new places to explore. You will suprise yourself on how much fun it is. It's refreshing and makes me appreciate and realize how much we truly belong outside walking around and not inside in front of our computer's everyday and all day. Live life and explore!

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Rachel said...

Beautiful photos! I especially liked the curved tree.