June 2, 2014

snoopy pinata

Our friend and his sweet family have a yearly fundraiser for Relay for Life.

Relay for Life is an all day and night event where people come together and create teams. The teams camp out overnight and take turns walking or running around a track, park or path. There is at least one member of the team on the track at all times. The money raised goes to the American Cancer Society.

Every year we attend their BBQ and everyone at the BBQ donates to this important cause. Their team's name is Lucy's Peanut Gang. This year we created a snoopy pinata for them to go with their Peanut Gang theme. To donate to their team, please visit: Relay for Life

Let me show you how to make your very own snoopy pinata.

Step 1: Find a large cardboard box and cut two symmetrical shapes and tape together long strips of cardboard in the middle of both symmetrical pieces.
Step 2: Make a door to be able to fill candy. (optional)
Step 3: Glue newspaper strips on pinata.
Step 4: Cover entire pinata with newspaper.
Step 5: Cut strips of fringe.
Step 6: Glue strips of fringe on board.

Step 7: Cover entire surface with fringe streamer paper.
Step 8 - 9: Cut out shapes for ear, nose, mouth, eyes, brows and neck collar using black cardstock or construction paper and glue on.

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