July 8, 2014

taco tuesday

We love tacos. Taco night is mandatory every week. Tacos are so easy to make and these are healthy and organic too. All you need is ground turkey, can of organic diced tomatoes, can of organic refried black beans, a bag of frozen organic mixed veggies, and shredded cheese.

I cooked the ground turkey in a pan and once it's almost cooked, I add the entire can of organic diced tomatoes and leave it there to marinate. I usually add some frozen spinach too to up the nutrients.

I empty the refried beans in a pan and warm it up and place the mixed vegetables in a plate and put in the microwave. It's so easy. After the shells come out of the oven (8 minutes at 375), I just add the meat, shredded cheese and the two sides. It's so easy!

We always have plenty of leftovers, with leftovers I make really easy burritos. Check out my easy leftover burrito recipe: http://peachycheek.blogspot.com/2014/08/beef-and-bean-burritos.html 


Lonnie said...

Love taco tuesdays. Now hust add a margarita to that and im all set.

PeachyCheek said...

Hi Lonnie,

Thanks so much for stopping by. I know, right ;)