December 22, 2014

Christmas Tree Pinata

I love making piñatas, take a look at some of my previous piñatas here, and these Christmas tree might be one of my favorite piñatas I have ever made. These can be used for Christmas party decorations, favors, stocking stuffers, or unique way to give a gift.

I hand made these mini Christmas tree piñatas with cereal boxes and filled them with little chocolates and used them as favors to place at the table so guests could take them home.

What you need

Green crepe paper (streamer)
Cardboard box (cereal boxes)
Tape and scissors
Constructions paper in various colors

How to make your Christmas Tree Piñata 

Draw the outline of a tree on cardboard (use packaging boxes, cereal boxes or any other cardboard you may have).

Cut the tree out of the cardboard and cut thinner strips of cardboard (these thinner strips will be used to tape the two tree cutouts together).

Next, tape the cardboard pieces together using the strips of cardboard.

Add any treats or little gifts before closing the tree.

Fold streamer paper and cut small vertical slits on one side of the streamer paper. 

Cover the top and bottom of the tree with the crepe paper and then glue the fringe on the cardboard tree. Continue to the top of the tree overlapping each fringe.

Lastly, decorate the tree with small paper stars and ornaments. I used a hole puncher to cut out some "ornaments" from construction paper and made these mini stars using sparkly gold ribbon.

What would you do with the Christmas Tree piñata? Any other Christmas themed piñata ideas? I am thinking stars and snowmen.

Merry Christmas!!

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