May 31, 2016

Mario Mushroom Pinata

Mario was the very first video game I ever played and he's still my favorite after all these years. As I prepare a little Mario themed party, I am making Super Mario Brother themed pinatas. The first one, is the Super Mushroom, which allows for Mario to get bigger and break blocks. Making him was pretty easy. Here I show you step by step how to make the Super Red Mushroom pinata.

First, cut two identical mushroom tapes out of cardboard. I flatten a large box, use a pencil to make the shape, and then use a box cutter to cut it out.

Next, cut long pieces of cardboard. The width depends on how thick you want the pinata to be. In this case, this mushroom will not be used as a real pinata, but as a decoration. 

Next, using the strips tape the two identical pieces together. Tape the strips all the way around.

Starting at the bottom of the mushroom, using a cream color paper mache, I glue strips at the bottom, so that the bottom of the cardboard is not seen.

Gathering long lengths of paper mache, I cut small slits to make the fringe.

Next, I glue the fringe strips around the entire mushroom cardboard, until I get half way up. Next, we must start the red top of the mushroom.

Using red paper mache, I cut small strips and glue around the top half, so that all areas of the cardboard are covered.

Using red paper mache, I gather long strips and wrap it around my hand and then cut small slits to make the fringe.

Using glue, I glue the fringe around until I get to the very top.

Lastly, Using white and black cardboard paper, I cut out circles for the mushroom and eyes.

And that's all you have to do to make this super cute Super Mario Mushroom. 

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