March 28, 2020

Women Denim Overalls

For years I've been searching high and low for denim overalls; looking at photos and reviews online, trying on pairs I would find at the store, but not quite finding "the one". I made it a tiny mission to find one I loved, had good reviews, and had the style I was looking for.

I wanted them to have a medium wash, have a comfortable/relax fit to them, fitted on top but relaxed on the hips, possibly a few tears to give it a "I've had these forever" look. And I finally found a few pairs that I liked and ordered a few to try on and found some at the store.

For reference, I am 5'5" and usually wear a size 10/12 for bottoms and 8 for tops, considering this, I have more of a pear shape, I have larger hips and small shoulders. This combination is tough to find good overalls that are flattering because many denim overalls have buttons on the hips that sit right at the largest part of the hips and accentuate them. 

I ended up purchasing denim overalls from the Gap, Target's Universal Thread line and American Eagle (AE) to try on. Below I included my reviews and a few recommendations of other overalls I have found.

American Eagle Stretch Tomgirl Denim Overalls

 First, I ordered a pair from AE that were constantly sold out, had raving reviews,  and was looking forward to their arrival. About a week later I received an email from American Eagle saying they cancelled the order due to not having the inventory to fulfill the order. I never got to try those on, about a year later I found these, pictured above, on their website. I also ordered their 90s Boyfriend Denim Overall in Large, and it was too big and not flattering.

I got the Stretch Tomgirl in Medium because that is the largest size they had left online and I absolutely love these. They are perfect, so I am keeping them. The adjustable straps aren't too long, so I don't have to move it all the way back like I usually have to and the hips were not too tight. The rips are not overly ripped and are super comfortable.

Gap Relaxed Denim Overalls

In the 90's Gap overalls were No.1 and I remember my sister would create the perfect rips in jeans and denim overalls. She would do it for all her friends. She was the jean whisperer.

This one did not have any rips. These came in xs - xxl and available petite, regular and tall. I bought these in a regular large as some of the reviews said it ran snug. I tried it on and was not impressed. While the hip was relaxed, which is what I was looking for, the ran short. They are definitely cropped, so regular is a cropped pair to the ankles as I am only 5'5. The problem was that torso area is too long and I had to move the straps all the way up so the back looked funny and lastly the buttons are right on the hip area, and if you have large hips like me, they make them look even bigger. For me, it wasn't flattering at all, but I do have to say they are super comfy. I wish I could keep them just for the comfort, it definitely has a relaxed feel, and I think a medium might improve the overall fit, but I wasn't satisfied enough to try another pair. I think the fit will still not be right. There is something about the long torso and where the hips lays that I don't think will be right at all. If you have a long torso and not big hips then these are for you.

Target Universal Thread High-Rise Cropped Denim Overalls

These are the definite winner. These are my absolute favorite from all the ones I tried. I usually wear a size 10/12 in pants and tried both the 10 and 12 at the store. The 10 is a bit fitter, but not tight and still comfortable and flattering. The size 12 is bigger, and I am thinking of keeping for days I want something really roomy and comfy to relax in. These, surprisingly, got some bad reviews on the Target website, but I am so happy with them. After trying countless denim overalls these are the best looking on my body type. They don't look like they would flatter larger hips and thighs, but I was surprised how flattering they look on my hips. These are frayed and cropped.

I wish these came in my size, because these look like the perfect denim overalls with the right wash color, just enough rips to give it an edgy look, and the relax fit I am looking for. 

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