July 30, 2009

La Cholita con su hoja de Coca

My newest painting is almost finished. It is entitled "La Cholita con su hoja de Coca", which translates to "La Cholita with her leaf of Coca".

Below is how she looked before.

I added the Andeas mountains, Mount Illimani, and homes in the mountains. The cholita is holding two leaves of coca.

I am Bolivian, and I have visited Bolivia several times and it is one of the most beautiful countries I have seen and they hold their heritage very close to them still. I have always been facinated by the indigenuous people there.

Even though most of the people dress like you and me, there is still a population of cholitas and cholitos that still wear their traditional clothing, which for the women are long braids and a bowler hat.

I included the coca leaf because it is a very important natural resource to Bolivia, though like many things in this world, good things can be used for bad, and it has been used and deported all over the world for illegal purposes. But to Bolivians the coca leaf is used for many wonderful and healthy things. For example, one major use is coca tea, which is used for many different things, such as altitude sickness.
Though the debate goes on, I understand the importance of the coca leaf to these people.
The next line of paintings I am doing are going to be of the people of Bolivia. I should have this painting finished this weekend, so I will be sure to post it up:)

Take care and be well!


Kelly said...

Oh...I just love this painting. The colours, her sweet expression. It feels very comforting and peaceful to me. So beautiful...

Thank you for the background info about Bolivia and the cholitas. I'm familiar with images--photos--of them.

Georgina said...

I love your little cholita...she's wonderful!!

glorv1 said...

Cholita is so cute. You did a great job.

Giovanna said...

This is amazing!!! I love this painting :) It reminds me so much my country. Bolivia is a beautiful country, I have visited it and loved it.
Great work!
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Peachy Cheek said...

Hi ladies. Thanks so much for the sweet comments. I am so happy you like her. I am working on my next little cholita, I hope I can capture the same feeling;)

Take care and be well and thanks so much for the sweet comments.