May 13, 2011

Update : Robin eggs

April 30th
When we initially found the eggs

May 3rd
They hatched! You can see the little beak in between the leaves.

May 5th
They start getting a little hairy.

Mama bird feeding the babies

May 6th

 May 9th

May 10th

May 11th
This morning I found only one of them in the nest sleeping and the others were gone...
When I returned later he too was gone...
Since then they haven't returned.
I was walking through the park and I found a baby bird who was hopping, he couldn't fly yet. And I couldn't help, but think maybe this was one of my little birds. Its probably unlikely, but I can wish can't I. I wanted to see them learn how to fly and all grown up.

I hope they are out there safe, flying, and enjoying their new adventures.

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