November 14, 2011

sugar skull nutcrackers

I have been missing for a bit from the blog world, but I have been visiting you and your lovely blogs! During my spare time I have been working on many different things, such as new Christmas gift tags, which I am currently listing in the shop, new ceramic and wooden ornaments, the mini sugar skull nutcrackers, and these extra large Nutcrackers.

I have never seen day of the dead nutcrackers before and I just had to make them. These skeleton men stand about 15 inches tall and their arms and legs move. I decorated one as Frida and the other one as a regular sugar skull.

In addition to painting and crafting, I have been cooking and baking lots!! I hope to post photos soon! I have had this overwhelming feeling to bake. It must be this cold weather and my holiday spirit. I have been looking for different cookies recipes online and have literally been baking a new one every night!

These are some of my favorite ones recently:

If you have any cookie recipes let me know, I would love to try it!!

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Gloria said...

Very nice Kim. You have been busy. I wish I could get motivated but these dizzy spells are keeping me from doing the things I need to do. Wow, love the nutcracker. Really very nice work. If I don't see you or if I'm off for awhile, enjoy the holidays and all. I'll probably be around though. Take care.