August 13, 2012

weekend recap

Last week and this past weekend was lovely. We laughed, ate, and enjoyed so much around us/
I am grateful for the spur of the moment beach trip we took at the end of the work day. The beach was quiet and we were able to enjoy yummy seafood afterwards and watch the sun go down.

Last week Black Feather celebrated 1 year on Etsy and I am so grateful for all my supporters of my Black Feather jewelry and accessory line. I have always loved creating and working with my hands sculpting with clay or drawing, but I am having so much fun creating jewelry.

I am so happy that its corn season, I have been making and enjoying all sorts of corn salad. I made tacos with cubes of avocado on top and made a yummy corn salad with tomatoes, edamame beans, avaocado and some lime.

Enjoy this week!!


Sasha said...

This is a yummy post! Very fresh and summery pics!

Peach said...

Thanks! I can't believe summer is almost over :(