January 19, 2013

valentine's gift guide

Valentine's Gift Guide
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 Valentine's day is in a few weeks and I wanted to share a few gift ideas for the lady in your life and for the ladies here are some gift ideas to buy yourself. These faux fur headphones/ear muffs keep you warm while listening to music.

For the guys, a lot of the guys I know always find gift giving a bit daunting, so I listed a few ideas to help the good fight.

Listen. Most of the time us girls will spot something in magazine, website, in Target, or our favorite blog and we talk about it, or show you, please make a mental note on that, surprising her with something she mentioned a month or so ago would make her so happy. 

Breakfast. Valentine's Day is not about trying to find the most impressive gift to give your loved one, it's about showing your love, though you should do that every day, and you don't need to spend money to do that. I put a waffle maker on the list, because who doesn't love waffles and I got one for Christmas and I have been making waffles like crazy, if you need an easy recipe, let me know. Surprising her with breakfast on the weekend or weekday is a very nice surprise. It shows you care, because you woke up early to make something for her. And it doesn't have to be waffles, it could be bagels, toast and jam, scrambled eggs, her favorite latte or coffee, orange juice, or little donut munchkins.

Her Movie Night. Most people love to watch movies. I do. And one of my favorite things to do is having a movie night. Surprise her with a movie she wants to watch. I personally love action films, and my partner and I love the same movies, but I know so many couples who do not share the same taste in genres. Rent a movie she wants to watch, make some popcorn, get her favorite movie candy/chocolate and sit in for the night and have a movie marathon.

Homemade Card. Writing a personal note goes a long way. Do not buy a card and just sign it. Take time to write your feelings down, share a favorite memory, and anything else you want.

Pharmacy Bag/BasketA lot of women I know, not all, but many love magazines and going to the pharmacy, we can get lost there for hours. Go to the pharmacy and buy her a bunch of her favorite magazines and buy her a few of her favorite things there like nail polish in bright spring colors, usually the "in style" colors are in the front displays, some of her favorite chocolate/candy and other things you see her buy herself at the pharamacy, like hair clips, bobby pins, hair elastics, you can put all of this in a small basket or gift bag and she will be surprised how thoughtful/detailed you are.

 Gifts. If buying a gift like clothes, chocolates and jewelry is something you want to do, then I recommend taking a look at http://pinterest.com/popular/ here hundreds/thousands of women are "pinning" their favorite items daily. I recommend going through the popular pages to get an idea oh what women want. I also recommend a similiar site: www.wanelo.com

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