October 4, 2013

day of the dead paper mache masks

 It's that time of year! Fall is here and this weekend I am working on making Dia de los Muertos masks, skull heads, and ornaments. The studio is filled with painted masks, paint, brushes. I love this time of year. I create a lot of different things like my jewelry, I bake, I do Taekwondo, I am currently taking classes to finish my Masters, but this time of year I make sure to slow down and make alone time for me. That's what painting does for me. I get to sit in my studio for hours and paint. It's like mediation. For those few hours you forget about all the little things you have to do like errands, clean the house, make food, you just live in the moment with your paint brushes getting lost.

Stop by the Peachy Cheek shop: http://peachycheek.etsy.com as I will be updating with new pieces of Day of the Dead art.

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