August 9, 2014

taekwondo update

Having a little fun before our test begins.
Performing our poomsae.
Yanni flying high to hit the target and the both us performing poomsae together.
Yanni and I just finished our red and green belt test and we passed! Which means we got our red belt. I can't believe that I am only 3 belts away from testing for my black belt. We have 3 more belts to train and test for and then after that we have another 6 months of pre-testing before I test for my black belt.

When I started on my Taekwondo journey in November 2012 the journey felt long and sometimes even frustrating. I didn't know if I was going to be able to do it or to keep it up. When you first start, you see higher belts and want to move like them and do what they can do. But with every class, and then with every test I felt more and more confident.

Since we first started, Yanni has been so supportive. When I would get down and not think I could do it, he was always my biggest supporter, pushing me to believe in myself.

Taekwondo takes a lot of discipline. I stretch and perform my forms everyday, and am constantly practicing so I don't forget and build it into muscle memory.

It's been a long journey, that at the same time has passed so quickly. I am so lucky to have a partner who has taken this journey with me, so we can share this together.

At the end of this month, he and I celebrate our 13th anniversary. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in the dojo and in life.

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Lea said...

Awesome! Congrats on the new belt!!