September 17, 2014

altuzarra for target

Grabbed these three dresses from the Altuzarra for Target line on Sunday and plan on pairing it with these boots and shoes for the fall.

I also grabbed this top and plan on wearing it with jeans, a fringe bag and suede knee high boots.

This past weekend Target released the collaborated line they did with Joseph Altuzarra.  I usually don't jump on these collaborations, but this one peaked my interest very much. When I saw a preview of the pieces and saw the red wrap dress I knew I wanted it.  I wasn't able to go in early on Sunday morning, but I did go to Target later in the afternoon and found that most of the pieces were still available in every size. I picked up four dresses and one top.

The four dresses I picked were the 2 peasant dresses in black and burgundy. I just had to have these. They are my style and they have pockets!! Pockets, people! I live for pockets in dresses. I also got the python dress and the beautiful burgundy wrap dress. I might return the python print dress, though I already planned on wearing it with my brown knee high boots and black strap heels in the fall and my nude colored wedges for summer into fall, the zipper gets stuck and I don't see myself wearing it as much as the other pieces.

The wrap dress is by far one of my favorites in the line. It feels so silky, and it's so flattering on almost everyone I have seen wearing it so far. I wish it came in black. The top of the dress is a little revealing, but I might get that closed or just wear a top under it.

The two pieces I missed out on and that I wish I got was the black peasant maxi dress. It looks just like the black dress I got, but it is long and has a slit on the side. I also wish I got the olive green trench with the faux leather sleeves. Unfortunately, my local Target didn't carry either of them.

What do you think about the line? Were you able to grab any? Last I check still had some sizes available and my local Target still had quite a few pieces left.

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