January 9, 2015

Birthday recap

I celebrated my birthday this week. I reflected on the past year and thought about my goals for the new year ahead. On my birthday I thought about how happy I am to be living at this very moment and how lucky I am to have found my life partner and to have such a wonderful mother and family.

I was happily surprised on my birthday with beautiful flowers from my mom. They were bright and exactly what I needed to see on my birthday. While many celebrate themselves on their birthday, and you should, I take some time to think about my mom who gave me life and still gives me life. She inspires me everyday. I look back at all the memories we have together and the new ones we make. I am so grateful that I am with her and I cherish every moment we have together. My birthday is not a day for me to be celebrated, but a day for her to be celebrated too and I am thankful everyday for all that she has done and everything that she does for me.

For the entire week I woke up next to these flowers and smiled. It brightened my day. 

Yanni and I ate a big breakfast of belgian waffles on the morning of my birthday. Later on the day we enjoyed a few episodes of American Horror Story. I don't have cable and I am loving Amazon Prime. I got it for the prime shipping (2 days), but love that I can watch so many shows and movies. I happened to find seasons 1-3 of American Horror Story and fell in love with the series. I am on season 3, and so far it's my favorite.

My birthday ended with us ordering out my favorite dish of spaghetti and meatballs from one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Yanni surprised me with a few little gifts, flowers, and a birthday cake with candles. He got me a Pamela Love tribal spike necklace in silver. I have wanted one for so long. I love her pieces.  It was a beautiful day and a great way to start the New Year!

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