June 18, 2011

Inspired by Gypset


The Mignot Sisters, Courtesy of Gypset Style

This book is just full of amazing pictures!! It is so inspiring and beautiful. I could look at the photos all day!!


Georgina said...

Love the tent accommodations...could live in that, but would have to come with air conditioning!! LOL

Great pics...thanks for sharing.


Peachy Cheek said...

Hey Georgina! You are too funny! I hear ya! I would love to live in there too, but I am sure it gets really hot! I am hoping the tree gives it a natural shade!

Mandi said...

Oh my GOSH! So cool! I gotta check that out.

Peachy Cheek said...

Hi Mandi! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! You should. There are so many inspiring photos! I like to think of myself as a little gypsy :) or at least dress like one ;)I like to wrap scarves over my head, long dresses and capes and jewelry :)