July 13, 2011

sugar skull party

Yup, I am having a sugar skull party! In my art room that is.

I have sugar skulls up to my neck and it's great. I can't stop making these!

But that did remind me that about a year ago I was approached for a custom order of sugar skulls, they all had to be white with black designs. The customer was having a sugar skull themed party and each sugar skull head was going to be the centerpiece with real flowers coming out of the top of the head.

I thought that was a great idea! I would love to have a sugar skull themed party! I am going to make an inspiration board in the next few days for a sugar skull themed party!


Georgina said...

How fun!! I need to get going on my calacas soon...it's just been so hot and motivation is almost null!! Your Etsy site is full of some really adorable stuff...love it!!

Peachy Cheek said...

Hi Georgina!! Thanks for stopping by! thanks for the sweet comments! I really appreciate! I am going through the same thing with the heat. Once falls comes around, I will probably be in my art rom every day!

Take care!