May 3, 2012


I found this great post from Toronto Standard showcasing a few skull items that I just had to share with you:

Skull-shaped soaps by Citizen Bio are a perfect Shakespearean mash-up: use poor Yorick's head to wash out those damned spots. Get four in a box for $44 at Art.27, 889 Queen St. West.

2. Dan Akroyd's Crystal Head Vodka (750 mL) will make a zombie out of you 'ere you've drunk half its brains. $59.95 at the LCBO 267302, 20 Bloor St. East, Shopping Concourse Level.

3. A string of teeth looks a little bit Mr. Kurtz, but don't worry (were you worried?), they're just meta. Speech Necklace, $280, at Carte Blanche, 758 Queen St. West.

4. And for dangerous nights out, the blood-red Skull & Skin clutch is topped with gemmy knuckle-holders, so you never lose your grip. $85 at Elle Hardware, 695 Queen St. West.

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