May 7, 2012

weekly gratitude

For the worry dolls my brother brought me on a recent trip of his. If you don't know what worry dolls are, let me briefly explain, they are mini little handmade dolls, I believe they originated from Guatemala, and you whisper your worry to one before you go to sleep and slip him under your pillow, when you awake the next day your worry will be gone. It is a delightful little folk tale. 

For the The Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum that we visited this week and spent hours looking through this amazing toy collection. I have never seen anything like this before. It brought back so many memories of toys I played with and even lunch boxes I had. The collection is amazing.  

For the sweet treats I enjoy and the conversations I have over them.

For my supportive customers and people of my art and jewelry! I receive custom requests and this newest piece was suggested and created for a customer who gave me this idea and I love it! It's my favorite piece in the Black Feather shop.

Have a great week!!

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