April 24, 2013

lettuce wraps

This week I took a stab at making some simple lettuce wraps to replace bread. They are really easy to make.

I simply washed the lettuce and carefully washed each leaf. You should have tiny little bowls like above. I am thinking about using these lettuce bowl to make some taco salads and other fun lunches in the future. What else could I make with these?

I layed the lettuce leaf flat and dried it with paper towl.

I was a mayo on my sandwich type of gal, but I have switched over to using hummus as a spread. Hummus is so good, I personally love hummus with garlic, and I never looked back.

I dressed it up with some slices of turkey and jalapeno cheese. Some slices of avocado would be delightful on top of this. And simply fold the lettuce leaf over.

It was easy and delicious. It was also very light weight. It is amazing how much bread fills you. I am definitely going to be making more of these.


Gloria in CA said...

That really looks delicious Kim! Hi, I hope all is okay and that you are doing well. I've never tried hummus. I will have to give it a try. I'm going now so that I can look up hummus.:) take care.

Peach said...

Hi Gloria! Thanks for stopping by! All is well and I am doing great. You would love hummus, its chickpeas and you can blend it with different spices :) Take care!