June 10, 2013

porch love

The deck needed some love, desperately. As you can see in the before picture, the deck was worn out and all it needed was some stain to give it life again.

This only took a few hours one weekend morning to achieve and it was well worth it. We also stained the wooden table too.
First, we broomed the porch and then washed it with a wood cleaner, Behr Premium All-in-One Wood Cleaner, let it dry and then began brushing the stain on, we used one gallon of Behr semi-transparent; in Redwood.

Now that the porch is stained, it's time to decorate. I really want to add a hanging hammock to one side. I found this beauty. I am planning on adding some new chairs, and some plants.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Gloria in CA said...

Great work Kim. Love that hammock. I would love one of those too. Enjoy your deck. Have a great breakfast out there.Some of your delish pancakes.:)