December 22, 2013

gingerbread men

I've been baking batches and batches of holiday cookies. Most recently I've been making gingerbread men and women and other fun holiday shapes. These were so fun to make and decorate with icing. 
I used the same gingerbread recipe I used for these Halloween skeleton gingerbread cookies.

 I had lots of help from my little elf. He loved rolling out the dough, using the cookie cutters and decorating the cookies with icing. He especially loved the dipping of the gingerbread men in milk and eating them until falling asleep in a gingerbread oblivion.
Any special holiday cookies you make? Enjoy!


Susan said...

These are adorable and looks so good! Love'em.

Anonymous said...

So cute. Great job dressing them up. Every Christmas I make snowball cookies. They are my favorite and I also put them in tins and give them out as gifts.