December 9, 2013

on my desk - unbreakable by jenni rivera

My mom sent me this book to read about the late Jenni Rivera a few months ago. If you don't know, Jenni was popular Mexican American singer from California and who unfortunately past away in a tragic plane crash last year. She was working on this book before she past away. It's sad to read it knowing that the very last pages were written just days before her death.

Coincidentally, I write this on the anniversary of her death. In the book we read personal journal entries where she describes her upbringing, her large family, her journey on becoming the well-known singer she became, thanks in part to her father, an actress, fashion designer and the many other hats she wore in life. She accomplished so much in such little time. She went through quite a bit of devastation and heartache, but was a tough and inspirational woman and nothing stopped her from becoming successful. It's an easy read and I finished it in about 2-3 days. You can find it online or at your local bookstore in the biography section.

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