May 12, 2015

What I've Been Reading

I have been a busy little reader. Most recently, I finished three books. I read Carlos Santana's biography "The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story to Light". And what a story he has! I have always been a fan of his music. It is rock, jazz, african, latin, and just a mix of different styles and cultures. He is very open in his biography and you learn lots about his childhood, born and raised in Mexico and then his move to San Francisco, California and how both cultures shaped who he and his music have become. He really takes the reader into his life and shares so many details that you easily imagine just standing by his side. I was fascinated to learn so much about him and what has influenced his music and his being.

I have been a big fan of Martin Short for a very long time. I think he is the sweetest and so funny. He's quick, witty, and adorable. I loved hearing about his childhood and how he got into show business. His book surprised me in many ways and some of you might know about his personal life, but I did not know, so at the end of the book I was very surprised about a very personal and tragic event in his life. 

I also just finished Brooke Sheilds' biography, "There Was A Little Girl", about her and her mother's relationship. Many people have heard and have opinions about her childhood, acting, and modeling. And Brooke doesn't hold anything back about their relationship and her other relationships. She started in the limelight when she was just a baby and has grown into a very wise woman. And, like all of us, she has learned from experiences. And many of the experiences she has encountered as a child were things she should not have had to experience, such as caring for her alcoholic mother. But these were the cards she was dealt with and she played them the best way she knew how. It was a very interesting book full of heartache, laughs, and memories.

Next on my list of biographies is Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin's biographies.

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