June 3, 2009

Peachy Tote Bags

I absolutely love tote bags, they are the perfect canvas bag to bring while shopping in the market, or even to the office as a lunch bag.

Now my favorite art paintings I created have been made in tote bags. You can select a range of tote bags with my artwork. The prices range from $10-26. So they are affordable, fun, and great for the environment. They are 100% cotton and range from Large Totes to even an Organic Grocery Tote made from cotton twill.
I can also custom create a tote bag for you, so if there is another peachy cheek art piece I created and you would like a tote bag of, just let me know which one and I will be happy to list it.
To purchase a Peachy Cheek tote bag: http://www.zazzle.com/peachycheek/bags


glorv1 said...

Those are great tote bags, and I love the first one. Hope all is okay with you. I love your photo at the top. My goodness you are quite young and pretty. Way to go Kim. Thx for adding me to your list. I already had you on my list. I'll go check your bags out. Take care.

Kelly said...

I'm a complete 'bag-aholic'...these are super cool.
Love your photo...