August 7, 2011


This weekend we went through a sunflower maze at Lyman Orchard in Connecticut. We got there a little too early. In the next week or so they will grow another 5-6 inches! But I was still able to capture a few good photos and we had a great time.

We made an afternoon out of it and had lunch there. This is the same orchard we went to when we went through the corn maze last year. We first had a little lunch and I couldn't help myself and got a little sweet treat to eat, like a slice of chocolate cake.

The maze was going pretty smoothly...

You see there are a series of 10 questions that you need to answer (you choose the topic: movie, sports, music..) and depending on how you answer these question it will guide you through the maze.

We were zipping through it until question # 5. We knew the answer was "right", but it kept taking us to dead ends. A few groups were having the same issue with the same question.

After about 30 minutes we finally found a way out and moved to #6 and finshed the maze. I thought we were going to be there all night! Thank goodness we followed a little kid who knew what he was doing and he saved us.


Georgina said...

How lovely...sunflowers are so festive and fields of them...fabulous. I recall many years ago whilst living in Germany, we used to go through sunflower fields, but the proprietors had made pathways within the fields...thankfully, we never got lost...pretty straight forward. We have a corn maze out here every Fall in La Union, NM...have never been, but someday when my grandchildren come to visit.

Well, what a perfectly wonderful way to spend your weekend.


Peachy Cheek said...

Hi Georgina!!! Thanks for stopping by! I am going to go re-visit it to see all the sunflowers bloom. Sunflowers remind me that fall is around the corner. Which is my favorite time of year. I hope this year you can go to the corn maze with your grandchildren!

Take care!!


Gloria said...

Oh my goodness Kim. How absolutely fun. I loved this post and your photos are just so beautiful. Gosh, I've been missing your posts as well as others, including Georgina's, above who has been my amiga for quite some time now. What a fun time you both must have had and that sandwich looks delish. Infact I am going to go make myself a copy of that, tee hee. Thanks for sharing your fun time. Take care. Loved it.