August 5, 2011

Things that are making me smile

These pretty pink flowers growing in my yard. I am not sure what they are called, but I know hundreds of them are growing.

Peaches! My peach tree is in full swing! I hope to grab them before the little insects go to town on them. I want to make a peach pie and peach ice tea!
Iced Tea is my favorite drink and I always smile when I have a glass. It's such a simple little drink, yet so refreshing:)

Yogurt covered almonds.
They are the perfect fix for my sweet tooth.

My new robin's egg colored measuring spoons.
I usually just wing it when I bake, which can explain my melting chocolate chip cookies, but now I have these cute little spoons to help me when I bake.

This is the bag I use all summer. It's perfect for errands, the beach, and trips to the farmer's market. It's a gift from my mom when she went to Bolivia. I treasure it.

A friend let me borrow this book on Frida because he knows how much I love her. It's been a great read and the photos of her and her beautiful art have been so inspiring.

Have a great weekend!

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Gloria said...

Hi Kim. I have that Frida Kahlo book and I couldn't be without it. I love it. I think your bag (purse) is awesome, I love it. That tea looks really good. I've never made peach tea before and I've got lots of peaches to pick as well. Maybe I'll try it. Very nice post and I love how you have your blog set-up. Have a great weekend.