October 12, 2011

Down Halloween memory lane

This Halloween I wanted to decorate the house with a lots of fun decorations. I love this time of year and it passes by so quickly and I want to enjoy it more, so I started putting Halloween decorations out early.

When I was younger I can remember how wonderful this time of year was for me. Fall brings me back so many sweet memories, such as sweet smells of pumpkins, hot cocoa, going to my brother's soccer games with my mom, watching my sister play field hockey, pumpkin picking and apple picking, making apple pie with my mom, deciding what to be for halloween, trick or treating all around town, counting all the chocolates and eating them. These were our priorities in life. This is what I dedicated my time and thoughts too - living life. As we get older we lose that a bit because work and other responsibilities take over and somewhere we forget.

Sometimes, I think about these times and I get a little sad that I can't be back in them, reliving them, cherishing every minute of them. But I am so grateful and happy that I got to experience it and live it.

I always want to remember these wonderful memories that fill my head and heart and I want to make new ones too. I want to make apple pies, pick pumpkins, carve them, bake yummy fall treats, smell the fall leaves, and feel the brisk fall air.

So, I've been spending a little time here and there decorating the house for Halloween. I started the end of August which gives me more time to be surrounded with the things that I love.

I hope you enjoy the beauty of fall as much as I do!

Take care and have a lovely rest of the week.


Georgina said...

I need to Halloweenie up my place...been so busy lately doing everything except what I really love to do, create!! Like you, I must do some "good memories" work and a bit of introspection.

Have a great week and yes, I agree, Michaels needs to supply their stores for what the customer's demands. I have a fiend who's working in Atlanta right now and he sent me 12 of those paper mache masks he saw at a Michaels out there...my daughter is getting me little paper mache coffins at her Michaels near her home in Austin, TX...everywhere but El Paso....OY!! Preparing for next year.


Gloria said...

Oh I do love Fall Kim. It's my favorite time of year. I love the feel of the brisk air on my face and the feeling just being home and enjoying everything there is to enjoy. Life is so short Kim, that it's like blinking your eyes and tomorrow is here. Doesn't it feel that way lately. I love your memories and the idea of you making apple pie with your mom. That's called the art of remembering. Really that's all we have are "memories." Take care and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I always enjoy your posts.

Monica and Whitney said...

Gorgeous photos!

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