October 15, 2011

How to make Halloween Banners

I have been getting ready for our Halloween festivites happening on October 22nd. I hope you can join me all you have to do is visit my blog on October 22nd.
I can't have a party without some hanging banners.

All you need is paper, a printer or a marker to write out letters, a hole puncher, ribbon, and scissors.

I simply opened a Word Document and printed the words Halloween and Boo. I increased the font to about 200pt and had about 6 letters on each sheet. You can make them much bigger, depending how large you want the banner, I have made banners with large letters by putting a letter on each page.

Next, cut out each letter into squares and using the hole puncher, punch two holes on each side.


Next, using ribbon push it through the first hole and back down the second hole.

Continue to do this for each letter.

Using the bats I made out of felt in this post, I hung banner up.


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Gloria said...

What a great idea Kim. Hope you have fun. we don't do Halloween but we do give out candy. Around here though, it's a little spooky and very dark at night. Enjoy your festivities. Take care and thx for sharing.