March 31, 2012


One question I have been asked a lot lately at different shows and events is what inspires me to create the pieces I do. I have so many inspirations and they vary depending on the weather, season, emotions and moods. I am inspired by my customers, loved ones, different cultures, and much more.

I thought it would be fun to show you a few inspirations I have had recently with some of the newest pieces I have been creating.

I was inspired by Mt. Illimani in Bolivia when I created the White Illimani Necklace. I have visited Bolivia many times and the view of the mountain of the city of La Paz is breathtaking. I wanted to incorporate that beauty in one of my pieces.

I was inspired by Lake Titicaca in Bolivia when I created the Turquoise and Pyrite Necklace using Vintage Chains and earthy stones allowed for me to create a piece that reminded me of the beautiful lakes and earthy rocks that surround it.

As you can see recently I have been inspired by beautiful places, and when I created the turquoise nugget and vintage gold tone chain piece I was inspired by the crystal aqua blue waters and green trees in the Bahamas.

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