October 25, 2012

costume ideas

Black Cat Costume

Halloween is in just a few days! And I don't have a costume, so I came up with these 5 ideas using things I have I have to make a home made costume. In no particular order, my first costume idea is a simple black cat. Yes, I do own cat ears, doesn't everyone have a pair of black kitty ears? What's simple and great about being a cat, is you really just need the ears, wear all black, and simply add a pink nose and whiskers.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

I don't have a red cape, but I do have a over-sized red hoodie, a red skirt, and my favorite black boots, just add a basket, and off to grandmother's house I go! Now I just need a wolf...

Cholita Costume

I just had to add a Bolivian Cholita to my costume ideas to represent my heritage. If you don't know cholitas are the indigenuos women in Bolivia. They were two long black braids, a black bowler hat (which Target had), a fitted tee, a skirt (they layer them), flat black shoes, and a bright scarf as a shawl.


Pocahontas is another easy costume idea, simply putting your hair in a braid, wearing some turquoise jewelry, a brown dress or skirt and top, with boots is really all you need.

Expendables Outfit

Last and certainly not least, is one of my favorite outfits, it is my Expendables outfit. This is what I would wear if I was in the Expendables movies.

Have fun!!!

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