October 31, 2012

pumpkin carving and roasted pumpkin seeds

This year we opted to carve two small pumpkins instead of one large one. They both had so much seeds, both more than the super large pumpkin we carved last year. After we finished carving pumpkins we used the seeds to make some roasted pumpkin seeds.

Once you finish scooping out everything inside the pumpkin, wash the seeds off and place them on a dry paper towel to dry.

Next, we placed parchment paper down on a cookie sheet and put the pumpkin seeds and drizzled them with olive oil, garlic and a bit of salt.

We also experimented and made a spicy batch with a bit of hot sauce, chili powder, dry onion, and garlic.

Put them in the oven for 40 minutes at 300 degrees.

The whole house smelled of pumpkin and spice. Perfect for a fall day!

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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