October 31, 2012

weekend recap

This weekend started as a lovely weekend filled with tons of baking. When I get in the baking mood, I just can't stop. I will have an entire table filled of cookie racks. I made plenty of cookies to bring home to my family. I made oatmeal cookies in different batches, m&m, chocolate chip, raisin, and white chocolate and raisin. So everyone had their favorite cookie.

We also had fun pumpkin carving, made roasted pumpkin seeds (recipe to follow soon!), scary movies, and some traveling, we went to visit my family and went out to dinner, when we returned we found ourselves in the middle of the incoming Hurricane Sandy and lost power.

Thank goodness I had baked so many cookies before I left because I lived off of cookies for a few days, made jewelry by the window or candlelight, and played board games.

Hope everyone in the east coast is safe.

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