February 20, 2014

february birchbox review

For Christmas I gave a few of my loved ones BirchBox subscriptions. They all love them and then I figured I should get myself a little something too, so I signed myself up for a subscription too. Who doesn't love getting little packages in the mail?

I recently received my February BirchBox, the box comes with about 5-6 samples of cosmetics, accessories, and sometimes home goods (think candles), or treats items.

You can edit your profile on their website so you can tell them what type of items you like or don't like so they can customize your box.

This month's box came with Harvey Prince Hello perfume,  Beauty Protector Protect & Oil, OPI tinted top coat, Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Serum, and Harney & Sons tea samples.

Skin & Co's Truffle Therapy Serum is working wonderfully for me. During the winter months my skin, like many people, feels dry. After washing my face, I put this on at night and instantly I feel like my skin drank some water and I woke up with softer skin. I am looking forward to continuing testing it. I have also been slathering it on my dry winter hands.

I don't need many more perfume samples, as I have quite a few and I use them when I travel, they are the perfect size. I actually don't wear perfume very much and if I do wear it, I like a soft and simple scent. When I put this on it reminded me of a perfumed roller oil I used to wear when I was a teenager, so it brought back many memories. It's sweet and woodsy all at the same time.

One thing I thought that was interesting was the note with the perfume from the Harvey Prince company, they indicated that their fragrances should empower women to feel young and beautiful, but I don't understand why a perfume should make a person feel slim or why that should even be listed. I thought that was unnecessary. When was the last time you bought a perfume because it made you feel slim?

Beauty Protector's Protect & Oil is a great find for me. I love using argan oils on my hair, I used to use moroccan oil, but this one leaves a beautiful shine and is not greasy. It protects your hair from heat damage from heat tools like hair straighteners and curlers. Sometimes when I put oil on my hair for shine and to tame frizz it leaves a coat on my hand, this did not and it left my hair very shiny. 

OPI "Don't Violet Me Down" is a tinted top coat. This is great for someone who wants a little color on their nails, but does not want a full coat of nail polish on their nails. I first put it on my bare nails and I did not think the violet tinted shade was flattering at all, it looked like my hands were suffering from frostbite, so I removed it and then first painted my nails with a pale pink nail polish color and once that was dry I painted the tint over it and that gave it a night pastel violet tint.

I understand it also comes in red, teal, and amber/orange. I can see this be used for some fun designs with glitter, ombre effects, and other fun things, but for someone who likes standard polish colors this might not be for them. I think the red tinted nail polish can be useful, as it can give a bare nail the look of a nice healthy shade of pink. 

Lastly, I am a huge fan of Harney & Sons teas, so when I got two tea bags of teas I hadn't tried before I was excited. I received White Vanilla Grapefruit (white tea) and Paris (black tea) a sweet smelling vanilla, caramel and fruity tea. They both smelled heavenly and tasted so good. If you like tea as much as I do I highly recommend trying Harney & Son, they create such wonderful and interesting teas.

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